those devices that you can plug your guitar into and some earphones, and it will play a drum beat and a bassline and you can jam along to it...

does that make sense?

when i went to london guitar show, steve vai use something very similar hooked up the the PA and was jamming to that...

any ideas?
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You can sort of do that with a loop station. Loop Stations have built in drum patterns and you could plug headphones into it instead of a cable going into the amp, I guess.
That's probably not what you're talking about though
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hmm, not really...

they are little boxes, not much bigger than a fag packet..
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is that the tascam?
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hmm, might be. do they have drum loops and stuff built in? ill go looking
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You probably mean something like the Korg Pandora practise device - it's purely a practise guitar adapter designed to let you jam on the move, though recently they're getting more advanced - the most recent one has USB for recording and a pedalboard for live use. It's primary use is as an effects unit, but it also has backing/jam tracks. Check it out:


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The Korg pandoras are fine pieces of work, the drum beats are okay and the effects sound good. They also have Mp3 inputs and I have one, that's probably what you have. Oh, and its no bigger than a deck of cards