This is my newest and, imo, best song. It's unifinished as of yet, but it should be done in the very near future. This is unlike all my other songs because it has a very loose song structure, with only two riffs that actually repeat in the song. It draws influence from all over the place, but mostly from bands like BTBAM and Opeth. Crit and I will return the favor. Cheers.

EDIT: Song finished, details in a post below.
tech death.zip
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Whoa, this is pretty cool.

On the whole there's a lot of pretty sweet sections (bars 26, 60, 96, 134 especially, that part was just awesome, and the outro). Some of the riffs were kind of boring, but for every boring riff there was two riffs that were great. The drums in some instances transitioned roughly, but no big deal, really. There really isn't that much wrong with this song, otherwise.

Good job. 9/10.

Crit mine?:
Some riffs definetly do carry a competent BTBAM-flavor, and that's always a plus for me. Unfortunately, like so many other who try this style, it suffers from a little bit of "riff-salad-syndrome". You know that feeling when you hear a cool riff and you wish the band would expand on it a bit more, but no, after 5 secs they play 3 more new riffs which may be not as good, just because they felt the need to adhere to some misunderstood notion of "progressivity" (not to knock down riffsalad-bands, but often the transitions feel forced and contrived and just for the sake of technicality). Fortunately the number of throwaway filler riffs here is really small.

I very much do appreciate the fact that the song is rather playable, a thing GP-composers often forget when meddling in these styles.

The blues- and funk segments are pure gold, and when you expand on them (more variety than just a mere repeat maybe, and a solo for example) you have a winner in your hands.
I like the attempt at melody in the solo and the leadpart from bar 112 ff (personally, I may have the second guitar play a countermelody rather than just mirroring the lead part).

Anyways, this is real promising stuff. I hope you record it soon, otherwise I'm tempted to do it myself
Um... wow...

That was pretty much flawless. The whole thing reaked of BTBAM, which is huge compliment. Absolute genius, my fiend. 10/10.

That wasn't much of a crit, but you can crit something in my sig if you'd like.
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First of all, I have to mention that I HATE IT when the drums play the snair on every beat/8th. I really don't get what's so cool about that. So, I tried to ignore my hate for the drumming.
The begging was nice. Not exactly my taste, but I enjoyed it anyway. When the second guitar start playing the octaves (15), it just sounded weird to me. I think it would sound better if you keep low.
The next riff was just awesome. Love the bass line. Everything from that point on was great, until the intro riff returned, and as I mention - not really my taste and I hate the drums.
The next part had an awesome bass line. The next riff sounded a lot like Annihilator's Alison Hell (not a bad thing). Loved everything from this point on.

Great song. 9/10.
^ its called blast beats and are a staple of prog/death metal to increase the intensity of a riff.

anyhoo, this song had moments of greatness, but sometimes the riffs were a bit forgetable where as if you listen to BTBAM songs even their death metal riffs are very memorable i.e the riffs at the start of sun of nothing or mordecai or alaska. they stick in your mind where as most of these didnt, although vocals obviously play a part in helping a riff.

but overall this was a great piece of music. although at your arpeggio lead bit you need to work on the backing rhythm as it really brings that section down, just have solid 8ths and select better fitting chords.

also in the main riff the c5 chords really didnt sound like they fitted to me, very clashing. try a lower chord.
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Quote by Shaharz
First of all, I have to mention that I HATE IT when the drums play the snair on every beat/8th. I really don't get what's so cool about that. So, I tried to ignore my hate for the drumming.

I agree, I hate it when bands do that. However, I do it sometimes to build up for a half time feel, which means that it doesn't usually last for more than two bars anyways.
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Ok, so as the song wasn't finished before, I've completed it, with a new jazz section and a definitive ending.

Also, I apologize for not returning any crits yet, I'll get on those ASAP.

Finally, the song has been recorded and I'll be uploading it to my profile presently if you want to check it out. Cheers.
that was ****ing great. it felt like it got better and better by each section. i loved section C, and the transition from E -> F was great. for me, they were the standout parts of the first half or so, but the very best was either the entire J and K section (i loved section J, it was fantastic, and the transition to K was great), or the final part. fantastic ending.

i dont normally comment on songs on here, but that was top quality work. well done sir
dude, that is fantastic. maybe partly due to the fact that it's right up my alley being a huge btbam fan, but man that was a really really tight song. my only possible critique of it would be the bars 228 to 321, to possibly change the rhythm chords, because the implied melody of the chords doesn't really fit the lead part, in my opinion. also, i like how you repeated some of the earlier riffs, but maybe do that at the end instead, or even again at the end, to end on a familiar note. i feel like that will tie it all up really nicely, but as it is, it has a pretty nice ending already. overall, spectacular. i wish i had the creativity for that kind of songwriting, keep it up!
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