Hey folks. I'd like to put some videos on my iPod. I used to just hop on over to Google Videos, because it actually had an option where you could download the video directly to the iPod. Unfortunately, that option seems to have disappeared.

Does anyone have any effective methods for getting videos on the iPod? And don't say Limewire. I can't find anything I want on there.
Limewire? JK, I think there's a website called MetaCafe that lets you download vids but I'm not sure if their vids are any good. Also, Google downloadable vids and go to those.

*EDIT* You say teens are stupid...but I'm a teen answering your question...
i have this program called a videora ipod coverter. you can get it off download.com.
also your gonna need a thing called downloadhelper, which downloads youtube videos. pretty much the coverter changes the youtube files (flv) and puts them into ipod video files.
hopefully i helped