i recently got my guitar signed by satch at pmt birmingham uk and its fading. i was thinkin of gettin a pen of the same colour but i wasnt sure. i was also thinkin put sum kind of sticky back plastic on it to stop it smudging so what do i do? both?? also, are there any other options??

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take a picture of it... a really really nice one?
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i guess you could try acetate. i wouldn't know other ways to protect it though.
your guitar is not worth of that privilage, that's why it's fading...
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I wouldn't touch the original, but I might protect it from further smudging, if i could figure out how. Ask local guitar painter/tech.
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sell it before its completely gone

its my only electric guitar... im gettin a lp soon... and the guitar was given to me as a gift frm sum1 so i cant reli sell it

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Just take a pic, no other option really.
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I dont have a clue about painting guitars but... why not put a few layers of clear laquer on the guitar.
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i doubt clearcoat would stick well without even a bit of sanding. clear nail polish maybe? if you did a really amazing job.

scratch that, you're screwed. sorry.
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Put Paint thinner on it.
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Clear coat over it?

I thought the same thing......
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fap on it
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You people are really cruel. If its not bad enough telling the guy to just remove it, but then suggesting things that will remove it as if they will preserve it. Thats just foul.
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