Hey guys, Im hoping you can help me. Basically Ive started watching some documentaries on youtube, I watched one about area 51, which I have seen before and then I was looking at a few bits about this heavens gate cult thing which is basically this mass suicide of people who thought the human body was just a vessel and that if they killed themselves they would go to a better place. Quite bizarre.

Anyway Im going off topic a bit. Im trying to find a documentary about these American kids, teenagers, 16 - 18 I guess. From my memory, it was a small town out in the middle of nowhere, I think it was during winter, I remember snow for some reason. There was 3 or 4 boys and some girl came over to there house, and they were drinking and they tied her up and put a knife to her throat and they were filming etc. I cant remember if the girl dies. Its very vague in my mind. I think the bbc done the documentary (it may not have been the bbc) with the boys and showed clips of the events that the boys videotaped that took place that night. I think they were saying they didnt do anything. I vaguely remember that they all went to jail.

Anyone know what I am on about ??? I tried google but nothing seemed to come up !! I think it was around 2003 they showed it on tv but im nowhere near sure of that.

Thanks guys
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