Hey, firstly apologies if this is in the wrong place. Im new and its all trial and error at the moment.

Right....I have this chord pattern - B minor bar, A major, E major. I think it is a good sound, I play this quite happily as a rythmn backing to my mates solos etc. However its getting abit old and I am trying to figure out where to go next to give it more life.

I am alright at stringing a few chords together, its the next bit i have trouble with.

Any suggestions, advice etc would be much apreciated. Cheers

for the key of Bm you can also use chords like D major, G major, F# minor, C# dim...
If you're feeling advanced you can also try some neat stuff like chord substitution, secondary dominants or key modulation.

But even if you just keep your chordprogression as it is, there are LOTS of ways to spice it up. The simplest and often most effective way is to use different voicings for the chords, that is not playing them always in the same standart way. Additionally you can add notes (or take notes away) from the chords to make them more interesting. Like say the Bm, make it a minor Seventh by incorporating an A somewhere (like for example X24232), or a Bmadd11 (x24430). You can also play around with the A and E chords in the same way (try looking for some add, sus, or 7th chordshapes for those).

Another very important way to keep (even simple) chordprogressions interesting is to play around with the rhythm and change it according to the dynamics of the song. Start, for example, with a clean picking intro/verse, instead of strumming all the time through.
Ailes, i bow down to your vast and superior knowledge of music theory.
Cheers for your help, ill give some of those a try. Hehe, had to get my music student housemate to explain some of the terms. I generally change the rhythm anyway, it just always sounded incomplete without otherstuff added to it.