ok so ive looked and looked and looked and now i come to you guys to help me. I'm looking to buy a cheap guitar to customize, which i have found in a Dean Vendetta 1.0 with a Vintage Tremolo...the only problem is (other than changing the pickups which i have already solved) , is that i don't like the trem....so my question is can you take out the one on the guitar and put a floating tremolo ( floyd rose type or the like, bending both up and down) in where the old tremolo was. thanks for the help.
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No, you would have to do some routing to make space for the floyd, as they take up much more space than vintage trem
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You can but a FR will cost more than the guitar. And even more if you pay somebody to do it. And would need a locking nut put in. You will find a super cheap guitar with a bunch of expensive mods is more expensive than a better guitar.