Hey guys ive been contemplating on my second "build" and want to use a warmoth soloist body with a carved top -> http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/bodies/soloist.cfm?fuseaction=carvedtop_soloist (yes i am too cheap and lack the tools to do it by hand) but was wondering for the neck bolt on section, would it be ok to use a neck plate or do i need to use neck mounting ferrules? any ideas?
You can do it either way. But the holes will need to be drilled different for ferrules versus plate. The holes are to close to the edge for ferrules. You get a smoother heel with ferrules. Looks nicer to. But you gotta decide before they make the neck and body. As moving the holes in the body isnt easy. And you will need to shorten the screws if you use ferrules so they dont go thru the fretboard.