what are some things you guys do to help you kind of help you continuing while on stage and not choking? because i'm going to be singing soon in an acoustic project. so also what are some thing that you can do to improve your singing voice. i know to have good posture and drink a lot of water helps.. any others?

thanks guys
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Practise and concentrate on the breathing, especially if you're singing. Take a little bit of time away from everyone else if you're nervous, there's always days when you're more nervous than others, and taking time to yourself really helps me get into the right state of mind.
Always, ALWAYS take a piss before your set.
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My bands singer has these little sweets called VocalZone, they are like tablets filled with some throat soothing liquid. He got them on our 1st demo and he's used them ever since

Edit: Oh, sorry I misunderstood the TS. If it's nerves then really all you can do is just psyche yourself up before you go out and enjoy it.
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dude, honestly, dont think about the ppl watching. play like your in your room alone. thats what i do, and ive never choked up real bad
turn on some pantera and jump around and go crazy. then go out there with all that adrenaline flowing and MELT SOME FACES!

yes....i understand it will be acoustic, but I DONT CUR!

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Well, i know about during concert nerves. In the middle of playing you think "crap. im gonna screw up." i think about messing up and tell myself "dont do that." it's worked so far.
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not much of a singer myself or anything, but don't honey and tea (together or separate) supposedly help your voice or something?

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actually that IS a good idea.....it will calm your nerves and slow your heart rate
just remember that live music means that it wont be perfect. So just be cool, play, and have fun. if you f*** up just keep going. it doesnt matter