There is a vintage Fender Princeton at my local music store. I was wondering if 179$ is a good price for it. I am saving up for a vox ac15 but this amp looks like its a good amp and it's cheap.
"Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel."- Jimi Hendrix
The princeton 65 is just another solid state amp that sounds like ass and isn't worth owning. The 1965 princeton is one of the best amps ever made for clean tone and they sell for over $1000. The 1965 princeton reverb is good for cleans great for distortion and probably the greatest recording amp in history and I've seen them sell for over $2000. I'm going to guess that the one you are looking at is the solid state one which means, no... It's not worth it.
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It just said Priceton 65, thanks.
"Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel."- Jimi Hendrix
I've got a solid state Princeton 650, and while I have many all tube pro Fender Amps, I can say that this amp is louder than the voice of god, has built-in effects and channel switching plus a built-in tuner, which was the thing that sealed the deal for me for a perfect living room amp with lots of low end at low volumes...big and full, but compared to tubes at high volumes..it sucks. It's great to just grab one amp and a guitar and off to rehearsal without need for pedals or tuners. How easy is that?