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I searched for, a 'What would you buy with X moneyz' thread and did not find one. so I decided to make one.

The name of the game is simple.

What would you buy if you had a Maximum budget of £1500(2959) to Buy equipment for Home practice. This includes everything, Pedals, Amp heads, Cabs, Strings, Jacks, Guitars. Everything.

It's just to let people who use this part of the forum have a look at what people would do with the money.

Also, this is as if you had No Guitar Gear at all. It had all been burned down in a Arson attack by Aids Infected Wild men.

I'll post what I'd buy with that cash later.

Post away.
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1) what total beginner has £1500?

2) if you had £1500 dont you think you'd know what you want?

3) less of the yellow dude
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Dean Dimebag Razorback of sorts
Marshall Mode Four
Digitech Metal Pedal (something like that)

Quote by stevo_epi_SG_wo
1) what total beginner has £1500?

2) if you had £1500 dont you think you'd know what you want?

3) less of the yellow dude

Mate, sorry, No need to kill the thread over some Obvious Points.

I never said it was a beginner who had the budget. Look closely before you start trying to compromise my thread.
simple a marshall DSL n a decent fixed bridged Ibanez or one with a whammy if you think u could cope. a nice Rg or a Sa would be good
Well.. I can't remember what the money amount was in USA money... but I would buy a **** load of Porno with it
Used LP Studio- $900
Used Jackson SL3- $750
Fender Deluxe Blackout Tele- $500
Used Mesa Rect-O Verb Combo- $800

Phew... had some trouble deciding between the Tele and a 2nd amp, but I think that'd set me up nicely.
Used Ibanez JS1000, Used JCM800 for distortion, Used Peavey Classic 30 for cleans, Used MXR 10-Band EQ, Used Ibanez TS-9, then the rest on a rediculously expensive wah.
Epiphone SG Standard - Natural Wood Finish + SD Alnico Pro 2 Bridge Pickup
Epiphone Les Paul Standard - Limited Edition Green
Ibanez S470
Blackstar HT-100 Head
Harley Benton 2x12 Vintage 30's
Vox VT15
PRS Custom 24
Could live without an amp/effects for a while with such an amazing guitar.
Tokai Les Paul
Laney VC30
Vox V847
EH Delay

Best bang for buck stuff in the UK I think
- Schecter Hellraiser
- Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
- Some good recording gear (maybe one of those line6 products even)
Jesus £1500....

Fender Highway One Strat £489
Fender Highway One Telecaster £450
Roland Cube 60x £160
Boss Digtail Delay Pedal £100

Nice little rig
My Gear:
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Fender MIM Stratocaster
Yamaha Pacifica 112v
Epiphone G-400
Cheap acoustic

Roland Cube 30X
USA Big Muff PI
Dunlop Crybaby Wah GCB-95
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Fender Baja Tele
Gretsch Electromatic 5120
Fender Deville 2x12
Danelectro Overdrive
Danelectro Trem

Gibson Les Paul Studio(Wine Red)
Squier Vintage Modified Tele(White)
Eastwood Sidejack(Amber)
EHX Little Big Muff Pi
Danelectro: Echo,Tremolo, Octave
Dunlop JH-1B Wah
Epiphone Valve Jr. w/ 1x12 cab
If I had that much I'd get a Ceriatone Overtone Special - $1150 + $200 shipping.
Then I'd get an avatar 2x12 with blues - $753
Weber Mass attenuator for $225
with the remainder I'd get some effects.

edit - didn't read the post so this is what I'd get if I had nothing at all...

I'd put together a kickin' warmoth HSS strat type guitar for around $1000 or less
avatar cab for $332
Ceriatone amp for around a grand or less - not sure which
buy cables effects etc with the rest
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Ibanez JEM7VWH *used, from like 2006?*
Marshall JCM800 + 1960AV Cab
Ultimate Attentuator, Zakk Wylde Overdrive, Ibanez Wheeping Demon, Delay Pedal of some sort.

That should cost THAT much over budget, if any...
Ibanez S5470.........................$1299 (guitar)
Peavey ValveKing 100 head.....$529 (head)
Marshall MG412A......................$279 (4x12)
Roadrunner guitar case..............$59 (case)
PR-2................$81 (trem)
OS-2................$64 (od/dis)
AW-3...............$99 (wah)
RV-5..............$149 (reverb)
OC-3.............$119 (octave)
PH-3...............$99 (phaser)

this is all from musicans friend, and i left out some small stuff, like picks and straps, i can get that later, its not much
Marshall JVM Series JVM410H and 1960A or 1960B Half Stack-$2849

With an amp like that who needs a guitar.
...k i have about 3000$.. this should be pretty easy

mac for recording editing and daily computer use
taylor classic electric
peavey valveking 212
My Gear:
Jackson DK2M
PRS Paul Allender Sig
Epiphone SG Special
Fender Blues Jr.
Roland Micro Cube
Jackson rhoads rr5 - $1158
Peavey 6505 plus half stack - $1799.99
= $2958
+pick = $2959

I think that's pretty solid.
I'd probably buy a nice Marshall halfstack, probably the 2230kk head (that thing is BEASTLY), then put some celestion speakers in the cab... After that I'd probably be outta cash, then I suppose I'd just use the remainder to buy a cheap but decent guitar then save for a really nice one, like and ESP or RAN custom or something...
Ibanez JS1200
Peavey Classic 30
Bad Monkey
Slash Wah
Some kind of EQ
Boss CS-3
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Breedlove Acoustic/Electric ($1000)
Case ($100)
Bag for cables n shit ($40)
Pack of picks ($5)
Some cables ($45)
Mic ($150)
Mic stand/boom ($50)
Total: $1390

Left over: $1569
Quote by edusty2010
No amp at all with all that leftover cash? lol

Pfft, you don't need an amp when you're playing with an acoustic and plug into a PA.

And when PA is not available, you say "Fuck it," and play unplugged. Besides, you could buy some hookers for $1500
esp mh deluxe
line 6 spider 3
line 6 pod 2.0
guitar strap
maybe some nachos
.. some breaded shrimp?
Quote by necrophagist!
esp mh deluxe
line 6 spider 3
line 6 pod 2.0
guitar strap
maybe some nachos
.. some breaded shrimp?

I lol'd too
Fender Twin Amp 100-Watt All-Tube
Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard Plus
DigiTech RP500
-Eric Johnson Signature Stratocaster in two-tone sunburst 1600$

-Marshall AVT150HX head 500$

-Marshall 1936 2x12 Cab 600$

-2 Monster rock Cable Straight 50$

-Dunlop crybaby wah 75$

-lots and lots of picks 100$

-Capo 15$

-Dunlop Glass slide 5$

Having the ability to shred like Yngwie Malmsteen... Priceless...

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's Master card
Gear List:
'97 Gibson Explorer w/ Duncan SH-4 and SH-2
Fender Jazz Bass 'Crafted in Japan'
Yamaha Acoustic Guitar
Vox AD30VT w/ VFS2
Roland Cube 30 Bass
Modded "St. Louis" Wah
Dunlop .88 Tortex picks

Epiphone Blues Custom- $529
Dean Chrome G- $600
Epiphone Sheraton II- $450
Digitech Screamin Blues- $50
Vox Wah- $90
EHX Big Muff- $80
Dunlop Blues Bottle- $10
Levi's Guitar Strap- $15
Dunlop Stainless Steel Slide- $6

and I still have a grand left
Ibanez S470DXQM - £320 (I'd buy a Prestige, but I don't like the body finishes, besides I LOVE my S470)
Gibson 498T and 490R Humbuckers with Nickel Covers - £69 + £69
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL401 40w Tube amp - £475
Boss GT-10 Multi-Effects Processor - £350
EHX Small Clone - £40
ZVex Fuzz Factory - £120
Total: £1443

With leftover cash, some Rotosound Stainless Steel 10s, a strap, some straplocks and a couple of cables. Perfect.

Edit: if my current gear did get destroyed in an arson attack, that £1500 would come from robbing the offender's home of everything of value.

Ibanez S470
Laney HCM30R
Digitech GNX3000
Peavey 6505 with matching 4x12
Used Ibanez S/RG prestige
Boss GT-8


ESP Edwards/Ibanez Prestige/Jackson professional series
Peavey Classic poweramp
A Rocktron preamp
ISP Decimator
Some sort of rack effects unit
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Jackson SL3
Peavey 5150 head
Used 412 V30 combo
Washburn USA Custom Shop
Mesa Boggie Dual Rect combo, costs about £1300 were i am er and then probably an EMG 89 to replace the 60 i've got in my neck position....
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