Ello, ello, ello. I'm back from a ban and I love it

Anyways, I was thinking, I know a few of you are F1 fans so here goes. I recently bought F1 Championship Edition for the PS3 and I really like it.

Would you guys be willing to race a whole season on it? 18 races, 11 people racing? Obviously 22 would be ideal but PSN won't allow it

It would have to be the same 11 people every race so we can keep score etc etc. Sounds a little dumb I know but I think it would be fun. People could pick which driver they want to be beforehand and stick to it, that means no 11 Schumachers or Massas etc etc.

Lemme know if you guys wanna do it and i'll try and make it happen

PS. I haven't learnt all of the tracks yet so I doubt i'd be much competition to some of the more "hardcore" gamers lol

Edit: I guess not
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Hum. I suppose it is..Wouldn't hurt to post there too

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Good idea, i'll give it a shot Copy and paste job coming up lol

Edit: This isn't the place for PS3 haters etc etc.
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I'd honestly love to do that.

But I have a 360, you have a PS3.

Ditto, try in about a year or two, when the PS3 is actually popular.
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