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I just busted my power tube in my Blackheart, but I was thinking about getting new tubes beforehand anyways. I only need one power tube, but when ordering from tubedepot.com, it says I'd be ordering them in a matched pair. Will I be able to just use one from the pair and then have another for replacement later? Or are matched pairs only usable when together?

Forgive the tube technology ignorance.

You should replace both. it is generally not advised to have mix matched tubes regardless of what the pros have. replace both at the same time and have them biased.
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Matched just means they run better when you have AB power. It will certainly be compatible and run fine but if you replace both at once then they are considered "calibrated" if you will, to run better.
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Yeah, Blackhearts only have one power tube. Thanks for your time guys! Thanks for the answer, acdc.