I used to be their bass player, but now I am doing promotions and technician stuff on the upcoming tour. Patrick, the vocalist and acoustic guitarist, is originally from Louisiana but now lives in Allen Texas. I live with him and a few other people at the house in Allen, and lead guitarist Kyle Robson and Justin Henderson live in an apartment also in Allen. Bassist Airik lives in North Dallas a few minutes south of us.

The CD, From Across This Crowded Room, is now being sold behind the scenes to our friends and biggest fans, but on June 28th we're officially releasing the CD. Soon after, we depart on a 5 month tour all over the south and east cost.

If you live in any of the cities listed on the tour schedule, let me know and I'll get you some info on where we'll be. If you could come see us, it would be great

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Not to revive a dead thread,
but we're on the phone with Universal records.
Holy ****.
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