I've recently decided to make the move into rack gear, and I'm in need of a power amp!

I'll be running a Rocktron Prophesy 2 though the decided power amp, then through either a Marshall or Mesa 2x12. I play heavy alt. rock in the ilk of InMe, AFI, 30 Seconds To Mars, and sometimes going into Tool and Muse territory. I'm playing rather large (2000+ capacity) gigs, too.

Cheers for any feedback!
Do you want 6L6 tubes or EL34 tubes?

They're basically the same power amps, with the exception of the tubes.
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If you want a middy, british tone, go for the Marshall. If you want smooth, powerful tone go with the Mesa. Same with the cabs.
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I'd say Mesa, I have no knowledge of power amps but I know with my mesa (Roadster) I can dial in a hot cookin marshall easy.

I thought I've seen AFI use rectifiers anyway?

Edit; yeah I have back in the leaving song pt 2 vid they are using them. But my opinion is probably void because I don't know how power amps work haha.
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True, AFI use rectos. However, I've known them to use Marshalls in the studio. From the video demos that I've seen, the Marshall seems to have more of a 'musical' quality to it due to the EL34s, and the Mesa has the trademark Boogie 'sag'. I'm quite liking the prospect of the Marshall at the moment. Besides, with the Prophesy, no matter what other gear I use I'll be able to tweak whatever I want out of it.

Would the Mesa REALLY give me that different a tone? If it would genuinely give me a better and more suitable tone, then I guess it's the one for me. Does anyone have any good demonstrations of either?