I have like 3 verses written out, and I think that they're really good, but I need at least one chorus to go with it. what do you guys do when you need to think of a chorus? because write now the verses are really repetetive, so I think a chorus would be good for the song, but I can't seem to think of one, help please?
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well usually a verse will contain many different ideas and conceptions........ you want the chorus to represent the main point in a song, what it stands for. You want the chorus to be catchy whilre the verse is more about building up to the chorus
I always start by just establishing the overall messege you want to convey through the song. Write this messege down and simply start thinking of ways to word this. A chorus should be general and tie the song together. Think of creative ways to word the messege, metaphors and such. Also, depending on what type of song it is you may want the chorus to be catchy. Just sing your ideas to yourself in diferent pitches and timing patterns to give it that hook. On the other hand, if your writing a metal song or something else that shouldnt have that pop "hook" in the chorus just think towards power. In these types of songs the chorus should be the most powerful statement. Hope I helped in someway, often it just takes time.
in my mind, the verses are the stories that represent the theme of the song, and the chorus is simply that theme.
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But no, What Jammy said is your best bet. The chorus is the part you want to get stuck in people's heads if its a song. You want it to have some sort of hook, be extremely catchy and memorable all at once.
oh, and choruses can have variations. Sometimes (rarely) the chorus is only a 'chorus' due to the music behind it. The lyrics can be quite different each time. i'm thinking a lot of bright eyes songs here.
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