So I plan to get a Mesa Mark sooner or later.. I'd prefer a combo that way I could take it with me when going to jam somewhere and then hook it up to a cab whenver like I would do a head.

Now.. I've heard they are very versatile and I'm mainly buying it to get a nice Santana tone from it which is supposivley easier to get or more like it on the Mark I and II.

so this brings me to the: which one?

I won't be getting a Mark IIC or + just because they cost a but load and are out of my price range.

So what's the biggest differences with:

Mesa Mark I
Mesa Mark I Re-issue
Mesa Mark IIA
Mesa Mark IIB

Since the I and IIA don't have reverb or an effects loop (?) then I was considering the others more.

Is the effects loop any good?
Some take away the tone of the tubes when used..
and what about the reverb? I heard it was noisy but whatever, is it good sounding?

if I do get one that doesn't have reverb, I'd like to get a pedal..
now I've never owned a Reverb pedal so how does it work?
is it like a delay pedal.. harmonizer.. loop station, etc.
does the dry signal distort with the echo-ey reverb sound???

if it doesn't then what's a good pedal to get..?
I've heard lots of good stuff about the Holy Grail.
Mark II is what Santana used. The exact model.... not sure.

A reverb pedal is like an echo effect; not to where the note repeats itself, but to where there's like a "ghost version" of the note. Think of how a mic will slowly fade out. Like that.

Holy Grail is one of the best for it; I'd go with that.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

I've always heard it was the Mark I that Santana played with.

and I know what reverb is lol.. :P
what I mean was, I heard that the reverb on the Marks were noisy and stuff.

and what's so great about the Holy Grail?
which one to get, the normal or +
is the room reverb really good on the +?

is it analog or digital?

and does the echo from the reverb distort with the dry signal?
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Oh oh oh

Sorry man. I fail

The Holy Grail just sounds really...... it just sounds the best compared to a lot of other reverb pedals.

You could also try checking out that new Boss Space Echo reissue thing (it's green, dual treadle). I've heard really good things from people I know that have tried it.

EDIT: Positive it's analog. Yes, the reverb will distort. I don't know, I've only played the regular Holy Grail (loved it).

That's about as helpful as I can get man I vote you just try them out for yonself and see which you like.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

If you get an amp without an FX loop and without reverb, don't even bother with a reverb pedal, they sound horrible through the front of your amp unless you're playing with barely any gain. They need to be put in the FX loop.

If you get a Mark I or Mark II cheap enough, you can have it sent into Mesa and they'll add at least an FX loop onto it. For the Mark IIs, I'm not sure if they do it anymore, but you used to be able to send it in and have them mod it to Mark IIC+ specs, I think they've discontinued this though.
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in that case I'd probably prefer to get one with reverb.. or an effects loop.. since I like reverb..
which is why I was asking about both.. if it doesn't have one of those then forget reverb.

but yeah, I heard some sound clips of the Holy Grail and it sounded pretty good compared to others I've heard.

and if Mesa can mod it to have a loop.. then sweet :O

and yeah I heard about the Mesa Mark IIC+ mod thing but I think they quit doing that.

yepyep.. thanks both of you!
answered my question about the whole reverb thing and effects loop and such =]

edit: and yeah.. going to Guitar Center and Sam Ash next week.. might as well put both holy grails side by side
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