First, a story:

My very first amp when I began playing 4 years ago was a Fender Frontman 15G or something like that. I learned from experience that the amp really had two settings: muddy whisper, and static chaos. It didn't have any nice reverb, and even if it did, most likely it would have been awful.

Not knowing anything really about amps (except a lot of my favorite artists used Marshalls), I blindly went in and looked at --regretfully-- an MG15DFX. Unfortunately, that solid state son of a bitch wasn't available, so I "upgraded"to (read: regretfully settled for) a MG30DFX.

My ears yet untrained to the Valve sound, I continued practicing guitar on that thing for the next 2 years.

I began attempting to emulate some of the sounds I heard in songs. The warm, bassy crunch in The Lemon Song. Clapton's "Woman tone" from some of his songs in Cream. Eddie Van Halen as well. But I tripped over myself; something was missing.

Instead of digging at the matter, I bought a Boss ME-50. I could get closer to those sounds, but something fundamental was lacking from my signal chain.

I finally realized what it was: my amp.

I began researching tube amps, and now that I have a job close to my local Guitar Center (a deadly combination), I tried the ones that they had that I had read about. This last month, I began warming up to the Peavy Valveking. I tried the 100-watt 212, but it was gone the next time I went in, and so far the 112 hasn't even been in the store since my search started. Some people sound like they like them, others say they can't get the tone they're looking for, so I was iffy about it.

The Meat of the Matter:

I walked in Guitar Center today right after work, and just getting paid too. I looked around at all the new, pretty amps on the shelves. "Eh, no ValveKing".

In the back, a JCM2000 TSL sat quietly in the used section. I had read about these things, I thought. 60 watt combo, about the size I was looking for, and a Marshall to boot, with the foot switch and everything. Listed at $1236 or so. An employee came up and started talking to me about it, and set it up for me to try it out.

The guy said I could buy it for $1000 even. I'm not sure what it's worth. It was a floor model, but all three channels sounded AWESOME. Master volume turns a bit too easy compared to the rest of the pots and the clean reverb knob turns a bit too easy as well. One tear in the upholstery at the bottom front. Amp rocks in general, and is the tone I'm looking for.

Problem: It will be about two weeks or a dive into my savings before I can purchase it. Is it worth getting for the price/condition, and should I act soon before it's gone?
They are nice and that should be a good price (afaik), but I would get a DSL instead. They are better sounding IMO and the TSL doesn't really need 3 channels.

May I suggest a used Marshall JCM800? It will do what you want better than the JCM2000 (DSL/TSL) because it is more vintage and less modern. Sounds to me like it is what you want when you describe the tones you want. The overall tone is just better IMO.

I think buying at GC hinders your selection and makes you mostly only see new amps. buying used is the way to go (at least for me) because I get quality gear that is cheaper and oftentimes better than stuff new.
Well if it really is the perfect tone for you then get it. Personally I don't like the JCM2000s but that's just personal preference. Though I would suggest looking to get a used one on Ebay or craigslist rather than from GC as they'll be cheaper.
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Quote by acdcrocks0323
I think buying at GC hinders your selection and makes you mostly only see new amps. buying used is the way to go (at least for me) because I get quality gear that is cheaper and oftentimes better than stuff new.

+1, you should check out craigslist.I purchased about 80% of my gear on CL
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Agree completely with ACDCRocks! JCM800>DSL>TSL Personally I think used JCM 800's are overpriced...but you do get that killer tone. Any of those amps would be great...but I think $1000 is too much for Worn TSL combo - new it might be worth it. If you look on Craig's list (or something similar) you can find great local deals. I got my DSL 50 head for 450 and a Carvin Legacy 4x12 w/v30's for 300 bucks...total 750 for a very nice half stack...in GREAT shape. Not suggesting that is what you purchase, but deal on all kinds of amps can be had.

Best of luck in getting the amp of your desire!
Hey I think its cool that you found the amp that you really like, but try some other options too.
I agree with everyone else, try Craigslist for your area and other sources. There's a lot more out there that you can get for a very good price than at Guitar Centre. I've found that buying used is usually safe and fair.
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I was just excited that I found a Marshall at or below the $1,000, at Guitar Center, and that it hadn't been snatched up (the guy informed me that it had been there for a few weeks). It seemed crazy to me at the time, haha.

I've been looking around Craig's list now, and a little around E-Bay just to get a feel for prices. A lot of people have JCM900's as well, and apparently the thing about those is that they have more gain. From what I mentioned above, other than EVH, extreme gain isn't a big issue to me (though I was researching the 5150s/6505s for a while), but would the extra gain reduce the possibility of reproducing those other tones I mentioned? Also, the DSL looks to be a great amp as well.

Most of what I've been finding are heads and not combos, and I'm really leaning toward the 50-watt/combo side of things. Are they a rare bread in the JCM league, or do people like them so much they're not willing to let them go?