go ebay hunting or criagslist, they go around 800-900, but try it out first. i heard is a hit or miss type of stuff. i personally thinking of getting one myself after i get my prs over the summer.
What will you be playing? How much do you want to spend? Do you have an amp? IF so, what?

Studios tend to be hit-or-miss. Some will kick ass, some will suck. If you find a Studio at a store you like, take home THAT guitar, the one you played, not one from the storeroom.
LP Studios are like the bottom of the LP series. seriously... An Epiphone Elitist will get you further than most Gibby LPs.

And if you don't want to spend $1100 on a guitar, an Agile AL3000 works great as well.
lmao thats such a good review. "i honestly dont hear any difference between the nitro finish and poly so i dont give a crap" lol