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Better acoustics

The cold water tightens your ballsack, allowing you to sing falsetto.


and your vocal Chords are relaxed because of the Water
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and your vocal Chords are relaxed because of the Water

and chords and water have to be capitlized because they're awesome!

i actually am not sure, but like if you go to Yellowstone National Park and hang out around the geyers and stuff, you can sing sooo perfectly after that.
its like the same thing, but on a smaller scale.
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The acoustics reflect your real voice (not the "your voice" you hear in your head) back to you, and you can hear it better, allowing you to change your pitch. Same when you sing through a microphone.

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could have something to do with the steam reducing phlegm ..


I've never really noticed it myself though

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It sounds like you're singing better in the shower cuz the sound of the water rushing down the shower dampens out the acoustics of the shower room n there's less toilet reverb, you voice sounds more dry and better.
Oh and also the fact that the hot water relaxes your body and you sing better when your upper bodies muscles are relaxed. Your voice can resonate easily through your body than when you're tense.
And that the fact that no one's around when you're in the shower and the chances of people hearing you over the sound of the shower are low, it makes you more likely to open yer vocal taps fully!

And shower singing rocks!
Always good to work on yer singing techniques while in there...