I'm trying to learn Rylynn and noticed the tuning is must higher on the A string. It's tuned up to C. I've never actually dealt with high tunings over a half-step. I have the string at B but I'm worried the string will snap because it seems way too tight (I have no extra acoustic strings on me either and I am too lazy to get my ass over to a store. :P). Someone please tell me the tab made a mistake because the tuning says:
D - Lower
A - Lower
G - Standard
D - Standard
E - Standard

The tuning is easily obtainable except for the C... I probably should have checked if it is actually suppose to be tuned to A before I made this post but I will do that after. :P

Anyway, what I'm asking is, am I suppose to be able to get that high without snapping or is it a typo?
Tune it back to B. Play the song, see if it sounds right.
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that tuning looks weird as hell
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Hmm... i would be a bit nervous tuning up that high too. What guage strings do you have and how old are they? Thicker strings like mediums hold up much better... as do new strings.
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yeah i would much rather use a capo than tune one of my strings to that pitch one and a half steps isnt impossible with a wound string but that just doesnt look right.
i haven't ever messed with learning this song so i cannot comment on the accuracy of the tuning... but i can say that you should be able to tune your A string up 3 semitones without any problem. you should not encounter any problems with the string breaking or anything.
I have tuned to ECDGAD without any problems. I dont know how to play Rylynn but he has written other songs in that tuning so id say its accurate.
As has been mentioned, I wouldnt try it if your strings are old. Other than that though, it should be fine.
In actual reply to the thread, too high is when your string breaks, thats a pretty way to measure tension.

If you can try having a spare pack of strings in case a string gnaps but other than that its pretty much self testing when your tuning
seriously man, you aren't going to break your A string by tuning 3 semitones up. no offense, but i don't care how old your strings or what anybody else says.
I have this song and you just tune to ECDGAD and place a capo on strings 3-6 on the 5th fret. Tune up for C (it won't snap). Difficult song too good luck.
A) If you're not sure, take the risk. That's how you should learn.

B) 3 semitones isn't that big of a leap. You should be fine.
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LOL exactly what I was thinking when I read the thread title. I vote to change the thread name to 'How taught is too taught" or "How much is too much tension" to avoid any further.. confusions ()
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and just to be relevant yeah what jimtaka said do it tune up.
i've tuned to that tuning to try to play Rylynn before. i was nervous as hell with the A going up to C. but it worked i just tuned it up slowly. then when i was done playing i tuned my A string back down really fast and low and behold the D string broke... go figure.
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but remember like gallagher said dont smoke pot when your already stoned you dont get higher just lower on weed. BONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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