Ok. I just got a used Ovation Applause electro/acoustic guitar, and overtightened a string. obviously, it snapped, so i decided to destring it and clean it up a bit. i deoxidised all the frets and polished them with metal polish, cleaned the inside and am buying new strings and fretboard cleaner tommorow. my problem is that my action is VERY high. i need to sand down the bottom to lower the strings. but when i lift it up, its not like a normal saddle. its got a metal hinge which the saddle fits into and the bottom of the saddle has grooves/teeth in it. i heard that the metal crap underneath is known as element, but im not sure. anyway, i need to know how to sand the saddle down or lower the action safely, the strings are very far from the fretboard towards the bottomof the guitar.

Like i said, im a MAJOR n00b, ive only been playing and researching for a week, so any help would be appreciated.
Yeah, you're best off going into a shop. If possible, stay and watch what they do and ask questions. You don't want to be messing with anything too big this early into the game.
yea i did the same thing .. and after i saw the teeth i was like hell na i aint gonna mess wit dis .. lolz
Ive got access to professional sanding machines and trained graphic design technicians who can do it for me, i just need to know what i need to tell them to do.