Well, I just got a brilliant idea. I'm sick and tired of retuning.

So, I had to detune way down to Drop B (Not just the 6th string, the WHOLE thing) for some song. Well, then I got tired of playing that stuff, so, rather than retune, I just went straight for it.

Instead of it sounding like garbage (After all, being that far down to standard you'd think it just sound weird) I was suprised. Playing the same frets (as standard, not shifted for the tuning (Minus the Dropped 6th string) or anything) was quite enjoyable. It really added a new twist on the stuff.

Am I just crazy? Go try it.
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I would have to call you an idiot. I think it sounds like ****.
Martinez MPC-1C-NGL
Laney LV300H
It's the same song, just in a different key. The melody is intact so it should still sound fine.