well, i have a 21 foot cable (only use at practice) a 12ft for my guitar into pedals, and a 8ft connecting the pedal to my amp. But with my 21 and 12 both tangle alot and so i loose a good amount of feet. So im wondering what to do. Any suggestions?
Untangle them?

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yeah just keep them untangled....
also if your in band practice in a large room try ducktaping the pedal/amp cable to the floor. also you could ziptie slack.
what i mean by tangling is the cable wraps around its self. and i use the 21ft for connecting my pedals to my amp at practice, and use the 8ft at my house
In all seriousness I'm buying one of those cables. They seem very cool, I just hope that it doesn't constantly pull my pedals towards me when I move