Alright, so I have a 2007 model ESP SV Standard, which is easily one of the best guitars I've ever played in my life (and I've played more guitars than I care to recount). It's easily on par in quality with models from the Custom Shop.

The only reason I'm in fact selling it is because of the money I need to pay for school. But because of it being such a great guitar, don't expect it to go for too cheap. You can't even find this on Ebay save for a rare occasion, let alone buy one anywhere in the U.S.

I bought it for $2800, and it at the moment has been barely played, and is practically new, with no damage or wear whatsoever. So I don't plan on going for something much cheaper than that.

If there's enough interest, I can provide a bunch of pictures, but at the moment there is one up on my profile.

Here are the specs.

COLOUR : Black with White pinstripe
BODY : Alder
NECK : Maple
FINGERBOARD : Ebony with White binding
SCALE : 25.5"
TUNERS : Deluxe Gotoh
BRIDGE : Original Floyd Rose
FRET : 24 / XJ
CONTROL : 1 Volume , 3way toggle switch

ESP Black leather hardshell case included

Much thanks
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*Orgasm* I wish bro, free bump!

+1 Why would you want to sell that?
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+1 Why would you want to sell that?

I appreciate the compliments

The only reason I plan on selling it is because I'm really low on money that I need for school. But this is such a great guitar, that I can't let myself sell it for less than it deserves to be sold for, no matter the circumstances.
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