I apologize that my first post is already me asking for something, but I have looked high and low for the chords to this song with no avail. I even tried watching various live and acoustic videos on YouTube, but the quality was never good enough to make anything out.

I searched these forums and found this thread, but I think maybe the song is in a different tuning, because it doesn't sound right when I play what's in that thread with standard tuning.

Any help working out the chord progression/tuning/whatever would be super-appreciated. The song is fourth on their myspace player (http://www.myspace.com/astallaslions) and here is the song on YouTube if anyone doesn't feel like using MySpace.

Thanks so much!
I can help you but you'll have to wait; work, you know..check tomorrow....
Awesome, thanks bunches in advance! I will sing your praises from the hills.
I was watching them live on youtube..
tuning is standard but 1 fret back Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

Am: x02210
Fmaj7: 133210
Fadd9: 133010
Dm: xx0231
D7: xx0212
progression: x07500 - x06500 - x05500 - x04500
C: x32010
Em: 022000
Ebm7: x68676

intro and verse is basically bass the first beats, (no chords are played), BUT an A and Ab bass is played...I just put Am to fill the void...

Intro: Am Fmaj7 Dm Fmaj7 Dm
verse: Am Fmaj7 Dm Fmaj7 Dm (2)

Chorus: Fmaj7 Fadd9 Am D7 (4)
x07500 - x06500 - x05500 - x04500 Fmaj7 Dm
End: Fmaj7 Fadd9 C Em (repeat many times) Fmaj7....

this last part is played only live...
Fmaj7 Fadd9 C Em Ebm7 Fmaj7
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