Hi all, kinda random question.

Can anyone explain about "Ted The Caver"? I know that there's this PDF about the story, but I wanna know what it's actually about.. anyone give me any info?
Oh god...

Please don't remind me of this story.

I was depressed for a week knowing I'll never know the ending...

Whatever you do, don't read that story.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
It's a scary internet novel thing that some guy bit off of a short story. The version on the internet is actually better written and more suspenseful. I was sucked in for an hour reading it. Just read it, I know you'll enjoy it.
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"As far as I could tell, it continued back about 10 to"
Seeing how it ends abruptly in the middle of a sentence...i'd have to go with no.

There's 22 pages, "back about 10 to.." was the end of the first page.
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That looks really good

EDIT: it IS supposed to stop on 5/19/01 with:
"For my family and friends who are reading this I say, Be at peace. I will conquer this cave. Then I will return and update this web site immediately. I will include any photo's we take in the cave today, and if you stop by the house I will show you the video I will have. I expect to be home later tonight, or tomorrow at the latest.

See all of you soon, with a lot of answers! Love, Ted "

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It is really good but that website only tells part of the story.

They made it seem more realistic by cutting the full story short,
therefore making it seem as if the website is an actual journal that was written by someone who was killed in midst of adventure.

It was a really good idea because I have actually found the full story and after the website cuts out,
it just turns into your stereotypical,
low - quality,
modern horror movie.

I really lost interest with the latter half and I never finished.
Woaaah, this story REALLY sucked me in. It has a great, and almost laughable ending. I suggest everyone to check it out right now.
I read both versions, the internet one and the .pdf, and i must say that the internet version is way better, as said before, there is more suspense, and the ending is much better, even if it ends abruptly. The pdf actualy follows the story to the end and the ending mostly ruins the whole story.

Also if you enyojed ted the caver, you might also enjoj The Dionaea House . In my oppinion its even better.
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