I'll be building my dream guitar(Hopefully) next summer. here are some Ideas I wanted to run through you guys first.

Body Shape Ibanez prestige or something similar, no monkey grip.
Body Wood: Alder or Mahogany(If I can get a good price)
Top Wood: Quilted Maple
Stain: Trans Blue
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Really nice piece of Rosewood (24 Frets)
Inlays: Paua Crosses
Pickups: Probably and EMG 81/85 as I will be getting some free ones this summer. And Maybe a single coil of some sort in the middle
Bridge: Probably a fixed one, I don't like tremolo's to much(And they're expensive)
Tuners: Probably locking grovers

any ideas from you guys? any thoughts? good or bad?
looks like a good build

shouldnt be too expensive either, which is always good
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