Ok, I'm really dumb but I'm looking into buying a Raven Rg60 and it says it has an effects loop or something like that? Are they supposed to make your pedals sound better or what?
I dont know much about the amp but end citizen is right..

Puts the effects between you pre amp and power amp. You usually put mod effects in there, like Chorus and Tremelo, etc.

I dont like anything in my effects loop except my EQ... :-S
FX Loop is good to plug directly into your power amp. =] Or line out from your preamp.
I got some good guitars, yo.
Dont get that amp. They sound decent, but used them at one point and 3 of them broke in 4 months. They're really not worth the hassle.
have you heard of google.com? You can type in a phrase and itll give you links to websites with info related to that topic? A lot of guitar related topics can be answered that way. I recommend checking it out. Seems that most people here dont know what it is. If you dont have access to google.com theres about 300 other ones.
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