And I need advice on mixers...
or do I even need one?
I will be mic'ing the amps and using a firepod to my laptop via firewire.
If you have a Firepod, you're in a good position to start recording your band. You're better off without a mixer, because the Firepod will keep everything on a different track in your DAW , meaning you'll be able to edit and mix better within your software.
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Everyone new to recording seems to think you need a mixer.
just input the mics direct to the interface, theres on board preamps and XLR inputs. The mixer isnt needed.

If you need more inputs than the firepod has or offer theres the larger input PreSonus interfaces which can input 8 sources at one time on the front panel.
you can also link more than one together.
Alright, I figured I wouldnt need a mixer, I was just wondering because I read that article on the front page and it said they might be a good idea.
I contacted the poster of that art. and asked him to reword a few things.

I can see how others are confused about it all. He calls it a mixer/interface when in reality he's refering to an interface.

I dont know how much he knows about recording but my advice is to know your source and learn from the best.

The best source I know of is Tweak's Guide, linked in my sig.
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