My bands looking to start booking shows and in the direct area are 2 venues that basically anyone can get into. But looking through the bands they have booked, almost all of the music there is scene...punk or emo, or something involving whiny boys in tight pants. Thats all good but I am starting to wonder if my alternative / indie type band should even bother trying to find an audience there? I dont know if any of you guys have been in a similar situation but if you have id appreciate some input. Should I try finding venues further away to play at, or just give these a shot? I know I could invite friends and family etc, but for our first shows wed prefer playing to strangers to reduce nervousness, but a crowd that cant get into it would not be cool. So yeah, help appreciated.
Yeah man it's the same around my town. But play there anyway or start to find some bars. Despite their "Scene" music though most of the people at those shows do like other music. We have a fair amount of "Scene" kids at our shows. So just go for it if you play something different and good people will in general like it.

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Just play... and if they don't like it

1.Pull down your pants.
2.whip out your john
3.charge it up the stream
4.release the stream you put out the hate
5.RUN....well, there scene kids, so they might like it.