I'm not to new to guitar, but I find a technique problem which keeps popping up in my playing. Will do my best to explain....

When fretting strings on the string above or below the fret i'm playing. So for example, If I need to hit the G string 12th fret, followed by the D string 12th.

If I use the tip of my finger to play the G, the I have to move it up, breaking the flow of notes a wee bit. Should I be covering both strings with tip and...errr...pad? Its not so ba d if its a simple tranfer, but tricky if its say a pulloff on the G (12`14) followed by the D.

Any advice? Alot of the the stuff I play (Hendrix, Frusciante) uses this interval.....
you might want to barre the 12th fret on the pull of and if its just from G string to D string sort of lay the pad of your finger on the G string and roll your finger so that the finger tip is on the D string
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