ok, is he awesome or what? he plays cleaner, faster, and more complex than hendrix, and can use his wah-wah to the best effect.

anyone dig?
^^Yeah, I also thought that at that show his stuff all had the same feel, it got a little repetitive. It was still a good live show (for $25 with a local band and Matt O'Ree opening you can't go wrong), and he's definitely a very skilled guitarist.

Though I do prefer Hendrix as well.
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I like him. Apparently he just played a little club here about a month ago and I didn't even know about it, or I would have gone.
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Though I do prefer Hendrix as well.


The two are often compared because they do have very similar styles of playing guitar, but whenever I listen to Robin's albums they begin to sound very tedious. I think that Jimi was much better at diversifying his writing.

He also is quite conceited. His attitude caused a lot of problems in his pre-solo band Procol Harum.
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