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live and be poor/middle class
43 83%
die and have wife and kids rich and happy
9 17%
Voters: 52.
heres a real thinker, would you rather be in a middle class-lower class family that was somewhat happy and in good health or would you rather be killed in an accident and get 15 million dollars for your wife(or husband) and kids from insurance to live on and be rich and happy, after they get over your death. me personally i would die and get my wife the money to be happy with.
which would you choose?
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I personally would rather live my life rather than die. Who would be there to raise my children? The mom? To turn my kids into pussies? No, plus the wife would probably kill herself or something stupid. Anyways, thats my opinion.
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I would hope my life is worth more to my family than $5 million.

You're priceless dude.

Personally if I had a wife I'd hope that she'd rather have me than $15 million. So it's an easy choice for me.

Edit: darn you TS changing the amount on me. still wouldn't do it though
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I'd rather live.
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I'm just fine with middle class.
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Life isn't about money or possessions.

Also, money =/= happiness.

If you listen to many CEO's of companies, most say that family is the most important thing in the world.
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Life isn't about money or possessions.

this is the most intellegent post ive heard in the pit all night.

Kudos to you SIR!
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Do you really think that your parents would rather have 15 million dollars than having you?

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this is the most intellegent post ive heard in the pit all night.

Kudos to you SIR!

While I appreciate the kudos, I'm sorry but I refuse to put self gratifying comments in my sig.

Thanks anyway though
Everyone becomes a genius when they join UG
If everyone is happy in situation 1 why go for situation 2 at all?

They're never going to be fully happy with money when they lost someone they love to get it.
do you mean like poor/middle class in america, or poor/middle class in the democratic republic of the congo? those are two very different kinds of poor. in one, you have all the necessities of life, and enough to eat and live, if not an xbox, and in another youre completely S.O.L.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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