Lately I've been kinda wanting to try new **** out and possibly just buy a random ass new guitar. I'm having trouble debating on what to get.

I'm just gonna take random opinions here.

I'm a metal player and I mostly want something with a good amount of bite and high end, that can scream harmonics, Yet has the ability to go clean and have a very warm and subtle tone that has a great amount of clarity and flow.

I play a good amount of leads and I love fast **** but every so often I like to calm it down into the clean.

Really I'm looking for anything 1,500 bucks are lower.

Any Suggestions?
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something from jackson,
just make sure it has an EMG 81/85 pickup combo
the 81 really bites in and sounds good
and ive noticed that the 85 sounds really warm and clean on a clean
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Quote by tyler112493
ESP EC. Classic look BIG BITE!!!

Too late

I got a EC-1000 already xD

The distortion is nice but the clean just doesnt quite hit the smooth warm clarity I'm kinda looking for
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Epiphone sheraton II, its a shred monster!

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