im buying a bass for my girl and she loves polka dots so i decided to give her a polka dot bass. theres not any so im going to paint one. to make things easy im just going to buy an all black bass and just paint on the white dots. this is going to be my first project and i have no idea what to do. ive looked around at some tutorials but they dont seem helpful, theyre all about doing the whole body i just want a few areas. how would i go about doing this? should i stencil out the pattern, put it on the bass, then paint over it? or stencil, put it on bass, sand the paint down to wood, then paint? my uncle is a painter and can probably help me with the painting part.
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don't sand down to wood, only scuff sand it in the areas you want painted, then stencil, then do a couple coats, then and with ligh grain, then clear

they sell polka dot basses i think, the guy from the all american rejects has one.

either way, you could also do it the same way you do a newspaper or fabric finish, just get some polka dot fabric or something, then follow these instructions http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/mat.htm

best wishes, hope your girl enjoys it.
buy some circle stickers. Also some painters tape. Place a long piece of painters tape on the guitar. Place a circle sticker next to the tape. Get 2 more long pieces of painters tape, place one piece of painters tape above and the other piece below the circle. Place 2 more circles above and below the pieces of tape you recently added in the step before. So when your done, the tape will look like a checkered board with circles in some squares. Pull off the tape and the circles will be left.
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