In the guitar I'm designing, I was thinking about leaving a small cavity for EQ and wah effects.

Anyways, I would like to make it so I could create an initial set-up via direct controls, but have some alternative methods of controlling the parameters of these effects. I was partially inspired by the Kaoss Pad and some guy on youtube with an RF antennae that controls fuzz.

I was thinking about doing something along the lines of a thin strip of conductive material running down the neck, that would measure how far up the neck your hand was, and then change a parameter; for example, the treble setting on the EQ.

Another control I'm thinking about, which is more specifically designed for the wah, was installing a "two-way" pot (I don't know if they exist, but it would ideally be a potentiometer that would increase resistance away from the center of strip, rather than one side) on the trem so that the farther from floating I dip or pull, the more wah I get.

Does anyone have anymore ideas about either the specifics of how I would go about creating such effects/alternative controlling methods, or even different alternatives to standard knobs? Also, I'm open to suggestions for different combinations of effects to install.

Remember, this is all hypothetical, so don't get on my case about whether or not this would ruin my tone, take away too much wood, etc etc...

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You could somehow mount a slide pot (like on a graphic EQ) to the guitar for the wah. As for the "two-way pot": interesting idea, but unnecessary. I had an idea to mount a wah pot to a trem arm, but I won't explain said idea 'cause, you know, it's my idea.