So I'm getting pretty good at reading sheet music now.
But I'm really bad at counting the beats and things like half notes, especially if it's like 1.5 notes. I noticed bass has a lot of synpocation (Right spelling or prounciation?) so I have a lot of trouble when it comes to learning new songs, especially if I've never heard them before.

How do you guys practice rythmn or beat counting I guess.
Like, do you guys have any exercises that you do?
Here's a little excercise my teacher told me to do if I'm ever bored:

Start tapping your foot to a steady tempo

Then start counting (1...2...3...4...1...etc)

Then change to eighth notes (1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and )

Then on to sixteenths (1 e and a 2 e and a 3 e and e 4 e and a)

Then on to triplets (1 is a 2 is a 3 is a 4 is a )

Keep doing that, constantly changing and going to random ones. It's also fun to have a friend call out different ones to do randomly so that you can test your ability to think quickly.
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test your 'rythym' by playing to the metronome on garageband, have someone mute the computer and turn it back up after a minute. if you are still in time with it, you have good timing.
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Play with a metronome. Either buy one or use one of the on line ones. Guitar pro has a click metronome you can use.

As far as working out rhythm. Put on the metronome and clap out the beats while counting out loud. Or slap it with your thumb.
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I record myself over a song, without listening to it, and then I play it back to see if I'm slow/fast.

There is rhythmic dictation excersise where a rhythm is played and you have to scribe it out. GREAT practice, check it out.

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I can't stand that 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 crap, it's really annoying, I just seem to be able to just double my 4ths for 8ths and double them for 16ths and Triplets just seem to come to me naturally.
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drum on stuff.
If you drumm by slapping your thumb, you can practice slapping at the same time!

tapping your foot when you're playing is the best way to get tight.
I like to play against music, but eberyone has a different style of rythm...so...
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metronome is the way to go but the bleep gets annoying so a foot will do too. But for 100% concitancy the metronome is best. However i also catch myself counting which is the way i learned sheetmusic (rythem) when i played Woodenwhistle a very long time ago.
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I had the same problem as you. I was haveing trouble with timeing on sheet music so what i would do is only look at the rythme not the notes then once i figure that out, add the notes. you cant sightread at all but take it as it comes...
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