If you guys aren't planning on being a professional drummer[or maybe you are, just on a budget!] then this is for you. I had heavily thought about getting a cheap travel-size acoustic drum set to have in my [rather small] room, but I remembered the whole Rock Band drums thing. You simply spend 80 bucks on the drums only, and hook it up to your pc and download this thing from Andrew Rudson dot com and you've got a VST drum machine! I wonder if this will work with the Drums From Hell VST? Anyone who's done this yet to confirm? I plan to buy one 2 weeks from now. I can't wait to be drumming away!

This is not advertising in any way by purpose attempt, this is to inform UGers of the ability to play drums for cheap when you just want to screw around. I am no way affiliated with Andrew Rudson or Rock Band.
I got some good guitars, yo.
Ok, so I won't ban you for it, but I'm still closing it. If you want to talk about different recording techniques, we have a forum for that.
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