well i play a strat and i like the low profile on it
its really easy to play
and i hate epiphone/gibson electrics, so i have a feeling i wouldnt be too fond of their acoustics either?
i dunno
acoustic isnt really my game
it probably shouldnt even be in this forum come to think of it, haha

my friend has a $600 ibanez that im in love with, but i dont have the money for it nor do i know what it is

so i guess i need a slenderish guitar that would make the transition from electric to acoustic a litte easier
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Dammit you beat me!

But yeah, If you like slender fenders then it may take some time to get used to. They do have thinner acoustics, so you dont have to reach so far over to pull the strings.

yeah thats what im looking for
any suggestions?
I know they make thinner nylon string guitars, which took me a while to get used to when playing on my friend's acoustic. Not sure if they make thinner steel string guitars. Try looking into roundback acoustic guitars, They're steel stringed, but the back is round (obviously!) and not flat, which is kinda cool. Never tried one though. Try going to a local music store and try out guitars in you budget.