I've got an ESP LTD Viper 301 with an EMG HZ-H4 in the neck and an EMG active 85 in the bridge.The HZ sucks.I want to put a seymour duncan pearly gates in the neck position.Do any of you know if they will interfere with each other or how they might sound together?Thanks in advance.
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Yea, the HZ is a passive pickup so mixing with an active pickup will produce tonally different sounds that are just bad. The Pearly Gates pickups are made for fat, blues rock sounding tones with lost of sustain and a bright top, usually for Strats or Les Pauls(they were made for the '59 Les Paul). Mixing with an EMG 85, which is primarily a neck pickup for rock/metal tones, is not such a good idea. It'd be fun to experiment but not fun coughing up almost 100 bucks for a PG pickup to find some cruddy sound. So, I may sound trite or cliche but an EMG 81 in the bridge would be great with a 85 in the neck. But it depends on what sound you're going for.
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try putting the emg 85 in the bridge, its not common but i tried it out and actually like it, it produced a more crunchier tone than an 81 would and was mellower.
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I'm trying to get a thicker distorted sound ala Corrosion of Conformity or Down. Any other suggestions besides the 81?
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