my name is Chebon
i am 16 years old
i have been playing acoustic for 4 months

i can play :

La Bamba
Good Riddance (time of your life)
intro and 1st solo to Free Bird
Sweet Home Alabama
intro to "One"
the intro to Little Wing
intro to Spanish Castle Magic
Every Rose Has it's Thorn
Iron Man
Simple Kind of Man

i dont know how to read tabs, i just listen to the song a lot, until i can hear the music
thats cool
my first guitar was a lucida.....

till i bought my Tele
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That's really good that you can get music by ear. I've been playing 3 1/2 years and I just pick that up like 6 months ago. You've got pretty good taste in music, for the most part. Then again, a few of those are standards of what people will learn when they just start out (Green Day, La Bamba, Iron Man). Nice on the Little Wind/Skynyrd, though.

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now i want i nice 12 string but....thats a little out'a the budget range

though once i did see a 15 string acoustic...it was.....amazing
I have nothing unique or funny to put here.
hi and welcome to UG.

we have a thread for introductions, feel free to post again there:

if you would like to learn how to read tabs, check out the lessons section:

and if you have any questions about learning guitar, please ask in Guitar & Bass Basics:

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