I've been playing for a year and belive it is time to upgrade my first guitar was a ibanez gax70 free so whatever and now looking to upgrade at first I wanted an Ibanez love the brand and wanted the GRG170DX and then saw the Schecter OMEN 6. which one is better and be honest my gax will be traded in and money will be added for one of these two. i know there both metal and thats what i play im just so into both must pick one need adivce
Good lord, I wish Ibanez made easier names for their guitars. It would make it a lot easier for instances like this.

Omen =]
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If you don't have enough for tube get a Roland Cube.

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Some cheap amp....
i was having trouble with getting the Ibanaz GRX20 or the Epiphone SG special
i got the SG it was more expensive but much better
i'd go with the omen
i was also looking at the Ibanaz GRHs45859608x 330longnames xghigklmnop
Yea so i should scarfice ibanez's cheap tremolo for the schecter/ I was really locked onto that ibanez almost bought decided to go home look things up and found the schecter. Is there anything else that stands out for the omen then that ibanez ?
And i have another question the schecter omen 5 is good for metal i know but what if i want a decent fast solo out of it? would i be okay i heard those necks are slow and the ibanez is a fast neck ahhhh i need so much help
Dude the omen is 299 isnt it? You can get other better ibanez options at 300 bucks than the grg170 like sa320 and rg321. They are far better than the gio series.
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will do i honestly do want that omen 6 it comes in the shop in a week n i put money down for it