I am sorry that this is such a long post, but I have been told MANY different things from different sources, most who had something to gain from me. I have also done much research on the internet, which says many conflicting things. So here I am trying to get some info from people who have nothing to gain from me, so they will actually tell me the truth. I am so sick and tired of being told whatever will sell me the guitar I'm looking at. I am only 14, so people think they can trick and intimidate me to sell me a guitar. They soon figure out I'm not stupid when my bs detector goes off(lol) and I say "Thanks for your time!" and walk out the door.

I'm pretty sure of what I want. I was looking for a guitar in the $400-500 price range and an amp for about $300. I picked out the Epiphone Les Paul and Line6 Spider III 75. I like to play classic rock, and some metal. I was going to buy everything new off the internet, but I then read that buying from a store is best because it allows you to make sure the particular guitar is of good quality. I was shown a guitar at a store, and the guy attempted to sell it to me for TWICE what the cost was on the internet(even aside from this huge price inflation example, stores are still expensive). I am thinking about maybe buying the Epi Les Paul used for about $320 bucks on Ebay, getting it set up at a local shop, and buying the amp from the internet new.

Pretty much my problem is where to buy the guitar, not what to buy.

Is it a good idea to buy used off of Ebay, and have it set up at a local guitar store?
Or should I buy new from the internet, and have it set up at a local guitar store?
Or should I just buy directly from the guitar store?

I am afraid of purchasing new online or used from ebay because the Epiphone Les Paul is made in China, and we all know how great their quality control is .
I am scared I will spend my money on the guitar, and get some piece of crap with loose frets, etc, and then have the person I bought it from not want to take it back.

So.....where should I buy from?

Thanks for listening to me ramble.
Dude I own the amp u want its amazing go to a local music shop try the guitar out and buy it there screw online just try it out buy it after u play it not every guitar is the same even if its the same make and model some might be different the way its setup etc
The Epi's that are made in China go back to the US for Q/A. Mine is pretty much flawless.
just ordered my epiphone les paul standard plain top in ebony off of musiciansfriend.com

will let you know how it is once it comes in...
Used Peavey Classic 30 for 250-300 (Which might be a bit cheap for the seller)
Go to the store and try out a guitar in your budget. All i can recommend is the Fender MIM HSS strat. It's got a nice cutaway on the back and it feels great, but that's me. You should get a guitar that feels good for you, and has good reviews online.

In short, don't buy online. There is always the warranty of sending it back, but you may spend your warranty time playing it and not checking for flaws.

Go to a store and buy a guitar there. The amp should be tried