I just was wondering if i'm doing good for playing for a little over a year. I can play quite a few chords and pentatonic scales etc. Also one my most technical songs would be never walk alone...a call to arms(Megadeth) or Eruption is this good for someone whos been playing for that long or should I be playing the most technical riffs ever made?
Don't depend on how well others do. If you think you can do it, then

I say it's decent. Time to check on the major scale, and its modes. Try some harder Megadeth songs, then maybe check out more prog stuff. But Mustaine should keep you busy for awhile.

Edit: And make sure you understand the concept of it all, like what exactly the scales are made of. There's this channel on youtube called RiffoftheWeek I believe, it has great stuff that'll get you along.