Blackheart Half Stack


Hartke Speaker Cabinet (320W 4x12)

Ok I'm getting both of those for small gigs and stuff like that. This will be my first tube amp. I want to know if the Blackheart is good and if it doesn't get very loud than would it be a good idea to get a Blackheart head and the Hartke speaker cabinet. Basically what are your guy's thoughts and suggestions?
you dont really need that cab. i would go with a less expensive one with less spaekers. thats a little much dont you think?
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Chea_man is the best.
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If you are gigging the BH might not be enough for you... Unless you are gonna mic it.

This is true. Consider your needs, TS. Playing with a band? Gigging? Need cleans?
its the wattage on the amp that makes it louder, not by adding a 320w 4 speaker cab to a 5w amp
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decide what genere of music your going to mainly play and go from there, buy what you play the most of ... if country - vox or fender,,, if metal Peavy 5150s or Dual recs,,,,, if pop go ef urself and get out of UG threads lol