So, we all know how teachers sometimes stop mid-lecture to stare at someone who is being disruptive.

I thought I'd share an awkward lecture pause moment that I experienced today.

My Econ teacher was going on about something stupid, stops, and stares somewhere in the back of the room. As expected, the whole class turns around and looks at the disturbance.

My buddy, Richard, was caught in the middle of a very epic impersonation of Oral Sex on a used toilet paper roll. His eyes were closed so he continued to thrust on the thing for several seconds before he realized what was happening.

He opened his eyes as the toilet paper roll was half way in his throat, gagged with laughter and went outside before the teacher had to ask.

That is all, pit.
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Well, at least it wasn't an anal impersonation.

haha, oh god.

Well I have a funny-ish one.

(are we supposed to share?)

My buddy Jordan is just sitting in class next to me and then his girlfriend comes to the door to ask for him. The teacher just stops and watches him walk out, then when he walks back in and it's all silent, someone asks, "what's the good news?" and he goes "It's a boy"

You had to be there, kind of moment I guess.
That's freaking hilarious.
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I've seen that video 4 times in a 3 hour time span.

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