Yeah yeah, searchbar this, searchbar that. I don't like it, seeing how it comes up with everything that even has one word you type in MENTIONED in the thread. So... off I go

Okay, I definitely need a new amp. I currently own a Fender sp-10 , and im playing a Les Paul vintage mahogany through it . Yep... definitely upgrade time. Soooo, despite all the flaming they get, i was looking at a Line 6 Spider III. Yep, you read right. I've been playing for about 9 months, and i am taking lessons. I want a decent size and priced practice amp with some cool effects that i can mess with.

I practice at home and jam with my friend (drums). I know a guy that got one and he said it's awesome for him. I tried one out with all the different settings and effects and some of the pre-sets and i must say i was impressed. This was even before i was exposed to everyone's biased opinions. It has gotten good reviews, and i am saving up for it (see sig). Based on this info, do you think this amp would be good for me? I like messing around to get cool sounds and stuff.

Thanks, HP
i had the first line 6 spider amp because i was in the same situation as you. i was new to playing, new to the whole amps thing. it was gone w/in 3months. i realized it sucked. im not trying to flame just tell you my honest opinion. the problem is these amps generally drepreciate immensely and as you will most likely want to upgrade to something better in the future you will be losing your shirt if you catch my drift
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I think both the Roland Cube and Vox Valvetronix are better digital moddler amps in that price range, having played different models from all three series of amps.