I'm interested in playing Hendrix-type R&B stuff like The Wind Cries Mary, Castles Made of Sand, and Little Wing. Can anybody point me in the right direction? IE online lessons, not for the songs I listed, just the techniques.
Well I think the one technique that you will keep hearing about is the "thumb-over technique". Unfortunately I'm not sure where to find any good lessons, but try searching it =)
i know ive seen one of 'castles made of sand' on youtube a while back... be careful tho cause times those guys have no idea what theyre talking about and totally f**k up some stuff... ill try looking for it again
Go on youtube and search hearandplay guitar
try to think of your guitar as more of a rhythmical instrument, clean sound a lot of dampened strings and work with your left hand to create the accents.
Think pentatonic doublestops in the key of the chord you're playing over.
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