hi,i recorded this yesterday and am looking 4 some crit!I am not very experienced at soloing so any tips and advice appreciated,i think i got reasonably close with this solo but still alot of room for improvement
The last bend at the end was way off but other then that it sounded great.
Did you use toneport for recording ?
thanks man!!yeah i got carried away with that bend,my timing is off here and there and i don't think i'm getting the very end part of the solo correct...thanks for listening ps.yes i used the toneport in reaper aswell as inserting the original track,then just cut it in MP3DirectCut free software
There were a few timing issues here and there and, as mentioned, the last bend was off. But other then that it was pretty good. I like your tone too.

Just keep practicing it and watch the timing and you'll have it down perfect. Nice job though.
good stuff, I noticed that near the beginning there were quite a few timing issues, you were just a bit off at certain points which made me kinda question your feel for the solo, but by the last half you 'caught up' to the song and you definitely got the beat going on there! I think you should just record it again because you screwed up the easy part a bit but aced the hard one heh
thanks again all who listened,i gotta agree with ya l1kel1ke(impressed you picked up on it)...i don't think i played with much feeling at the start of the solo but eventually got more into the feel of it at the good part ..i'm gonna practice it some more today(slow it right down and try and get it nailed)